Medical - AAS Cuvette

NKCG produces graphite tube technology (GF-AAS) for medical analysis. The target of the process is to determine the elements and obtain optimal results in medical analysis. These tubes and cuvettes are coated by CVD pyrolytic carbon coating (NK-PyC) and furthermore purified (NK-PURE).

Key advantages of graphite tube technology (GF-AAS)

High quality CIP graphite
(Nippon Techno-Carbon, Japan)

The only graphite maker in the world
to control the complete process chain
from raw material to finished part

Very high thermal resistance

Purified to customer specifications
on sub-ppb levels

Long lifetime

State of the art R&D and reverse engineering capabilities

Ensuring highest repeatability of the functional parameters

Strong and reliable quality control for material, dimensions and resistivity

Excellence in machining

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