Rotating X-ray Anodes

NKCG produces graphite anodes for X-ray applications. For the high-resolution devices used in X-ray applications, extremely robust X-ray anodes and components for X-ray tubes are required.

NKCG offers anode blanks but also welding service to metal sheets, purification (NK-PURE), and coating options for the anodes.


Key advantages of graphite anodes for X-ray applications

High quality CIP graphite
(Nippon Techno-Carbon, Japan)

The only graphite maker in the world to control the complete process chain from raw material to finished part

Very high thermal resistance and
increasing strength at high temperatures

High thermal capacity and lower mass

Long lifetime

State of the art R&D and reverse engineering capabilities

Ensuring highest repeatability of the functional parameters

Strong and reliable quality control for material, dimensions and resistivity

Excellence in machining

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