Semiconductor Applications

With its complete array of material and process competencies, NKCG serves all types of semiconductor applications. NKCG has been a reliable partner for semiconductor material producers and device makers for decades, bringing its vast experience to improve processes.

The evolution in the field of e-mobility and digitization requires microelectronics components and power devices produced using semiconductor materials of the highest purity level and with a perfect, defined lattice structure – no matter the substrate material, whether it’s silicon or other compounds.

As an innovative
and preferred supplier in the industry,
we offer:


  • Engineering department with interdisciplinary exchange on daily basis between our in-house staff and external partners
  • Design & Concept Engineering and Process Improvement
  • Highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art machine shop that utilizes common tools like CAD, CAM, CIM serving CNC machines.

  • Skilled operators running one of the most advanced and versatile machine shops in the industry.
  • Purification <5ppm and Nitrogen-free on demand

  • Surface finishing facility such as CVD / CVI of PyC / TaC
  • SiC conversion
  • Semiconductor-class packaging capabilities

  • In-house R&D & Lab services; On demand independent quality control through verified 3rd party laboratories
  • 100% traceability from the raw material to the final product
  • 3D-CMM Multisensory Equipment for Conformity Tests
  • On site and after-market service

  • Poly-Si

  • CZ


  • LPE


  • PVT(N) and others

  • Barrel-, Pancake- and Single Wafer Susceptors

  • Heaters

  • Crucibles

  • Heat Packs

  • Carrier

  • Boats

  • Baffles

  • Screens for all systems

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