Customer Update MARCH 2020

Please take note of our current measures and our NKCG Contingency Plan based on the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dear valued partner,

Herewith we would like to update you regarding the measures NKCG is undertaking because of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The virus is causing challenges for all of us, in our private lives and the world of business. That’s why first we hope that you and your family members as well as all company members remain safe and of good health. What we are planning to do and already have done at NKCG:

  1. Offices and workshops are systematically cleaned and sanitized, the frequency and scope of cleanings were adapted, and cycles increased.
  2. All staff has been informed to keep minimum social distances of 2 meters to other teammates. Handshakes are no longer allowed. Furthermore, staff has been in-structed to respect proper way of hand washing.
  3. Employees who are exhibiting any symptoms including cough or fever, are not al-lowed to enter NKCG premises.
  4. NKCG is now switching to a two-shift working time model where employees of each shift will not meet with next shift team members. Therefore, the aim is to keep the production continuously running, while maximizing social distancing.
  5. Supply Chain Security and Transparency: As of today, raw material is allocated to all present orders in 2020 and stored in one of our European warehouses, so there is no dependence of oversea transports on current orders. When it comes to new orders being placed from today, lead times will be quoted based on raw materials available in our European stock, or else customer will be advised if delivery is de-pendent on overseas shipment. Please feel free to consult NKCG to determine pre-sent lead times. Based on our substantial raw material stock in Germany and the Netherlands, we expect to be able to fulfil the future needs of our customers.

We have developed a strong supply chain strategy that is delivering benefit to our customers at this exact moment. While we cannot predict the future actions of government interven-tions at this unprecedented time, we are confident that the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU will continue to work at keeping the trade flowing, while minimizing the rate of spread of coronavirus.

In the unlikely event of government action that directly interrupts NKCG manufacturing, we would inform our customers directly. We continue to monitor the situation very closely and will update you when required.

Torsten Kornmeyer
Managing Director

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