Customer Update APRIL 2020

Energy Management News: NKCG’s solar park provides energy for a better carbon footprint


Each roof of the four production halls is equipped with solar modules. These modules were installed in 1998 and generate 500.000 kWh in average per year. This allows us to cover 30% of our total annual electric power consumption with green energy produced on the premises to supply our CNC centers, high temperature equipment, the additional facilities and offices.

“The entire manufacturing process of graphite and other carbon-based raw materials from Nippon Carbon Japan is already very energy intense, unfortunately there are not many options to increase the use of natural power. Here at our premises in Germany we seek to minimize the consumption of nuclear power, natural gases and coal which still have a share of 50% in the German energy mix” explains Torsten Kornmeyer, the second-generation Managing Director of NKCG.

“We will continue to improve our ratio of natural power and invest in other energy reducing measurements. The solar park is just one part of our goals to reduce the CO2 footprint of our company. Furthermore, we already use geothermal-heat-pumps for the heating of our production facilities since several years in combination with a CHP plant (Combined Heat and Power) to maximize the energetic efficiency and minimize the use of fossil energy resources.“

This year NKCG will be implementing ISO 50001 to underline a strong commitment to an efficient energy management and a resource-saving production.