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Leverage the many years of collective experience at NKCG with the mechanical processing and finishing of graphite and CFC, including the application of available and improved materials in designs that solve complex challenges.

NKCG's domain includes the widest range of conceivable processing methods, developed or adapted for our materials over decades. Besides CNC machining, cutting equipment, grinding and waterjet-cutting equipment, our furnace department provides in-house purification and coating capabilities.

Today, the incredibly diverse processing spectrum of NKCG, with large and flexible machinery, across a well organized production site, supports customers' toughest challenges, from research to mass production. NKCG processes virtually any available material dimension and has patented solutions to make even larger components possible.

Together with their customers, NKCG develops products and solutions that provide a unique added value with comprehensive knowledge of materials, processing and application possibilities. NKCG works also independently to develop new methods, materials, and technologies, to support new customer needs not yet fulfilled by the current marketplace.

Within the Nippon Carbon Group, NKCG provides a versatile and comprehensive machining center, backed by stable raw material pipeline, making NKCG an ideal partner for processed and finished carbon-based products in Europe, Middle-East & Americas and Asia.

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