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The mechanical processing and finishing of graphite and CFC is the area in which we have more experience than almost any other player in the market. For over 50 years, we have been working exclusively with these materials in our production.

Our processing includes all conceivable processing methods. Many of them had to be developed or adapted for our materials in the last 5 decades. The processing spectrum that we have to provide for our customers today is incredibly diverse. Accordingly large and flexible is our machinery. Our production site is designed to solve all imaginable customer tasks, from research to serial production. We process any available material dimension and if that is not enough, we have patented solutions to make even larger components possible.

Together with our customers, we develop products and solutions that provide a unique added value with our comprehensive knowledge of materials, processing and application possibilities. In doing so, we weigh the chances of success, bear our own risks and even go ahead in advance if we can secure the success of our customers.Besides CNC machhing, cutting equipments, grinding and waterjet-cutting equipments, NKCG is well equipped with several high temperature furnaces in order to meet our customers purification and coating needs.

Within the Nippon Carbon Group we are the most versatile and most comprehensive machining company. This makes us the first point of contact for all processed and finished products in Europe, Middle-East & Americas and Asia.

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