NKCG is proactively researching and exploring new applications of existing processes and promoting new technologies. There are four main approaches for the development of new products:


  1. Substitution of existing products (e.g. Steel grades by carbon composites or hybrid systems)
  2. Improvement of client's process by changing raw material and/or the design
  3. Adding secondary processes to carbon-based materials such as SiC, PyC coatings or other surface modifications
  4. Creating new compound materials to enable the usage of our raw materials (C-based) in high demanding, clean environments and applications.


The access to the R&D center of Nippon Carbon Group in Japan supports our local engineering team to act fully integrated in the application and product improvement process.

Usages of carbon products are constantly increasing in the face of environmental problems and energy conservation efforts.

Nippon Carbon, since its establishment, has always led the industry as a carbon pioneer. With the advantage of our unique technology, we are researching and developing products that meet the demands of a diverse market.

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