NK PURE (< 5ppm)

High Temperature Purification for Semiconductor, PV, Medical, Industrial applications:

For semiconductor and other applications requiring high purity graphite material, NKCG offers purification after machining of the graphite parts.
The NK-PURE process removes impurities without modifying the integrity or properties of the graphite. Depending on the purity requirements, different processes are available (high temperature with or without reactive gases), which lead to different end-purities of the graphite pieces. Purification is verified by ICP-OES and/or und GDMS. Typical purification values reach total impurities below 5ppm.

Some relevant impurities with typical occurrence after purification

(The measured values may vary regarding the level of purification performed)


  • Measurements are performed by external and independent laboratories, certificate can be deliver upon request.
  • Various measurement methods can be used, for surface or bulk measurement.
  • Please contact NKCG for specific needs (Elements, sample preparation, measurement methods, etc.).

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